About tokenomics and the future


Are you planning to issue your token? If so, when, and is the tokenomics of the project already known? Are you planning to expand and interact with other projects?

Answers 1

We are considering the possibility to launch a token. However, we want to be very careful with that for several reasons:

  • We want to build a product that provides value even without a token;
  • We want a token to incentivize proper behavior on the protocol. It shouldn't be the only motivation to contribute;
  • Regulations - the token must be a true utility token.

There are some ideas on possible tokenomics but we are not making those public as they may change significantly.

At the same time we are looking for ideas how to reward users in other ways:

  • Peeranha partnered with Koii network to let our users earn attention tokens on Koii network;
  • A feature allowing communities to rewards users in their native token for participation is coming out soon;
  • NFT rewards are already available and will be expanded.

We are open for collaboration with any other projects that can help us find ways to reward users of Peeranha protocol.