SUI airdrop reward


How much do you think people will get when SUI airdrop

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The Sui blockchain’s native token, SUI, has a fixed quantity of 10 billion tokens.

SUI serves a variety of functions within the Sui ecosystem and has several goals.

The four primary utilities of SUI token:

First, gas fees on exchanges and other on-chain activities are paid using SUI. Second, the token can be staked in order to use the PoS feature of the platform. Sui’s storage fund ensures shifting staking rewards throughout the time, and paying for future storage costs to the future validators. Third, SUI follows POS consensus mechanism. SUI token will be used to pay the validators and delegates of Sui blockchain. Finally, SUI is crucial to the management of the Sui blockchain. As a result, token owners are granted the ability to take part in on-chain voting.

I think that there were too much interest from many people who cut the researches about cryptocurrencies due to bear market and also completely new users, thanks to huge amount of the aptos airdrop. Although I think that sui is bigger than aptos, the rewards will be divided to much more people and shares will be lesser. However, I think that many projects that are part of the sui will distribute airdrops themselves so capturing hyped projects between more than one hundred projects at the beginning would make people get even more airdrop than their expectations.

Hard to tell. Maybe like in Aptos, maybe not