Can I sync my IPFS node with a certain tag?


A major reason that I'm nervous about stackoverflow is that at any moment they can pull data about a technology they don't like.

It would be awesome to have a service where anyone could sync an IPFS node with a specific tag on Peeranha - that would allow people who care about a technology to be sure that the data would always "be up" regardless of a Filecoin deal falling through.

This would also depend on allowing users to create their own tags.

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Mi piace molto questa idea

+1 to frog suggestion...

I really like that idea! Having an IPFS node that pulls and pins Peeranha data that user is interested could be a great approach to make sure that the data is decentralized and has enough backups within the community. Noted that as a feature request in our backlog.

As for creating new tags, this is functionality that will be added in the near future.