What will Peeranha do ?


What do you promise to turn your platform into a successful DAO?

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Una delle linee prioritarie dello sviluppo di Peeranha è l'integrazione nelle comunità web3 nei messenger con l'aiuto del nostro bot , in modo che gli utenti possano porre domande , ricevere e dare risposte tramite messenger.

Peeranha is seriously considering to become a Dao in the long term. We see it as a 3 stage process: Stage 1 - centralized organization (current). It allows us to Iterate quickly at the early stage to find product market fit; Stage 2 - begin community involvement. At that stage we are planning to introduce community moderation and governance. Centralized control will still be in place to allow us Iterate on various community moderation and governance models; Stage 3 - DAO. Once we are confident in the effeciency of the community moderation and governance Peeranha can become a DAO.

Peeranha community gets an opportunity to truly own the knowledge they share and protocol that they use to share that knowledge.

One of the priority lines of Peeranha development is integration into the web3 communities in messengers with the help of our bot, so that users can ask questions, receive and give answers through messengers.