How much time do I need to get into NFTs


hi guys, congrats on the launch! i really like the concept of NFTs and have a bunch of friends who are interested and/or involved in this industry. But I’m not really sure how to go about getting into it.

I have some friends who tell me that it requires at least 20 hours a week of research, which I of course don’t have. I wouldn’t quite call it a hobby but I would love to spend around five hours a week -- is this even possible? Are there any services that make this easier for me?

Can anybody recommend a good place to learn about an NFTs?

Answers 2

I recommend finding a course like this There is a lot of content in this video, and I would not even say that you need to watch the entire video to get started. Once you get a solid understanding of Solidity, go read smart contracts on Etherscan from some of the top NFT projects. Familiarize yourself with what an NFT smart contract looks like. Try to understand the logic that each function uses. Then, go ahead and try building something yourself as you continue to learn. Learning NFTs and Solidity is very time consuming at first, but I think it is well worth the time.