How can I influence the development of Peeranha? How can I make suggestions?


Since Peeranha is a decentralized company, how can I make suggestions for the development of this project?

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ottimo un telegram od un discord

Maybe it will be fantastic to have a telegram or a discord group where we can discuss more in detail. I loved this project from the beginning and I want to support it long term.

Hi Jackson, Peeranha is decentralized application. However, Peeranha as organization is currently centralized with the plan for decentralization (an interesting article about possible path for decetralization is [here]( We would love to talk and hear you suggestions! Please contact our team on any of the convenient for you [support channels ]( and let's schedule a call. We highly appreciate feedback of all our users.

Your feedback and suggestions are important for us. Therefore, a user can give advices or share opinion in any form. Like make a post or contact us in social media or e-mail.