Would video posts / live streaming be helpful for Peeranha?


Hi Everyone - Eric from Livepeer here. Great to see Peeranha going live! Livepeer has been building infrastructure for video streaming in web3 for the past 5 years, and we are seeing lots of interesting video use cases popping up recently in the web3 consumer space. What would be your use case for video streaming inside Peeranha?

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lo streaming sarebbe molto interessante

I think for tutorials yes, but you could also use longer gifs, like you see in a lot of discord bot tutorials

That would be nice!

I think a lot of tutorials could actually be video tutorials on Peeranha! It's a great idea @Eric.

Hi Everyone 👋, I think another interesting use case is to livestream office hours in the Expert Q&A channel, where experts can answer questions or even give a workshop.

Hi Eric, It is great to see you here! Thank you for your post. Tutorial posts on Peeranha are the great use case for video streaming. Video explanation often is easier and faster to comprehend than text with images. We are looking to add support for videos there soon. Livepeer seems as a great technology for that need!