Discourse vs Peeranha


From what I have seen, Discourse is widely used for discussions forums by crypto projects. Do I understand correctly that Peeranha aims to replace it? Is Peeranha better? Why?

Answers 2

Peeranha is not going to replace Discourse. But I'm agree with the author above that Discourse is one of the competitors. One more big advantage of Peeranha is structure. It helps to structure the knowledge that is stored in long conversations. Peeranha helps users to save their time while searching for the necessary information.

It is fair to accept to Discourse is one of the Peeranha's competitors.

Main advantages of Peeranha over Discourse:

  • It is free for communities and users (not self-hosting required);
  • It fully decentralized. Content is stored on blockchain and Filecoin. So, there is no single person or entity that owns community knowledge. This is especially important to DOAs in the web3 world;
  • Peeranha creates various incentives for user to contribute. From on-chain reputation, to platform token rewards and NFTs.

There are many more extremely helpful features requested by Web3 communities that we are working which are not available on Discourse.