Status, Reputation and Privileges


What user statuses are available on Peeranha?

Status name Reputation points
Stranger 0 ... 99
Newbie 100 ... 499
Junior 500-999
Resident 1000 ... 2499
Senior 2500 ... 4999
Hero 5000 ... 9999
Superhero 10000

Among our users, we're distributing collectible NFTs for achieving a certain status among the first on the Peeranha protocol. These status NFTs are limited, and once they're all distributed among Peeranha users, we're not planning on making more. To check how many more reputation points you need to achieve your next status:

  1. Visit your profile;
  2. Click NFTs;
  3. Check the progress bar below each status NFT;
  4. Continue to be active on Peeranha;
  5. Achieve a certain status and get your hands on a desirable NFT.
What privileges are available to Peeranha users and what are reputation requirements?
Action or Event Reputation points
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