If moderators decide that a wrong post type was chosen, they can change its type and the rewards will change according to the post type.

How are posts, answers, and comments moderated?

For the first year, the Peeranha team will act as moderators (can delete posts, answers, and comments) but as the community matures, this function will be moved to other individuals in the community.

How can posts, answers and comments be deleted?

Users and moderators can delete posts, answers, and comments. This action can influence the reputation of a user. Read more in "Status, Reputation and Privileges" section

Will I be notified if my post is deleted?

Notifications are not available in the first release. This functionality will be added in future versions.

Moderation rules
  1. Only proper behavior
    As a Peeranha user, you agree to follow our Terms of Service.

  2. Respect everyone
    Harassment, bullying, and other forms of discrimination are not tolerated. We expect all members of our community to treat each other with respect and kindness.

  3. Choose the correct type and community for the post
    Make sure to choose the appropriate Community and Type for your post and stay constructive and active. If a wrong post type was chosen, administrators or moderators can change it and the rewards will change accordingly.

  4. Only valuable posts
    Only make posts that will result in valuable information. Ones that don't provide such knowledge (like "GM!" or "My Project is the best!") will be deleted.

  5. Pay attention to the posts of others
    Remember to check that the same post hasn’t already been published. This will save you time and effort in the long run. Repeated posts will be deleted.

  6. Always seek to add value
    Make sure your answer provides valuable information and isn't just a repeat of what's already been said.

  7. Avoid spamming and posting malicious content
    Repeatedly publishing the same post will result in your content being deleted without warning. Trolling, impersonation, phishing, and scams are not tolerated on this site.

  8. Do not give financial advice
    We do not allow any discussion of prices, sales, referral links, markets, or "investor advice” conversations.

  9. Avoid self-promotion
    This includes advertising and promoting, including but not limited to crypto, NFTs, Discord server invite links, or websites.

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