How does Peeranha


How does Peeranha plan to compete with existing Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit?

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I think that Peeranha is not going to compete with other platforms as it is completetly different from all of them. First, it is decentralized, second, it rewards users with collectable nfts so far, third, it is not for all. Tha main audience is blockchain enthusiaths.

In my opinion, the project has excellent prospects and now it is at the initial stage. Need more partnerships and integrations.

Blokchain ile yenilikleri takip etmeyi seviyorum emeğinize sağlık

Peeranha is the first fully decentralized Q & A web application. -Peeranha is rewarding Users with Crypto. -Built using blockchain technology ( ensuring safe, transparent, and secure operations) -Peeranha generously rewards early users for their time.

With great partnership and more adoption of Crypto , Peeranha is going to grow and pave the way for decentralized Q & A Apps.