Are there any plans to make Peeranha a cross-chain protocol?


Currently Peeranha is storing knowledge on Polygon and IPFS that is amazing!
However, to date, there is some competition between L1 ecosystems in Web3. Consequently, the knowledge and activity of the Near community is unlikely to be possible on Polygon. This leads to a logical question about launching Peeranha on other chains and achieving the status of cross-chain project.

Answers 1

Yes! In the closest release we are going to expand on Sui and Edgeware . This integration is very important to us and will be a start point in our journey into other Web3 ecosystems because...

...cross-chain projects are initiatives that aim to connect multiple blockchain networks, enabling assets (in case of Peeranha it is knowledge) to be transferred seamlessly between different chains. These projects are essential to address the issue of blockchain fragmentation, where valuable resources and communities are spread across various isolated networks.

And at Peeranha we are aimed at connecting peers in the most effective way (the greatest example is our bots for Discord that could make your community knowledge indexed by Google, structured by the Q&A and optimized by the AI).