Can a user run a node for the Peeranha infrastructure?


So if my understanding is correct, on Peeranha the flow of a question goes:

  1. Make transaction on polygon blockchain
  2. Data posted to IPFS
  3. Data secured in Filecoin (I think)

Can a user become part of this pipeline? The data being posted to IPFS seems like a centralized part of the flow. Also, setting up a Filecoin deal can take days, and I didn't see a Filecoin transaction pop up.

Answers 1

The flow for posts is a little different:

  1. JSON file with text content of the post is added and pinned on multiple IPFS nodes (Peeranha runs own instance of the IPFS node and pins all of the files);
  2. That same JSON file is stored on Filecoin with a storage provider service. Currently Peeranha uses for that. The deal is done by the storage provider behind the scences;
  3. Transaction sent to Polylgon blockchain. IPFS hash of the JSON document is included in the transaction and recorded in Peeranha smart contracts on blockchain.

I agree that current measures to preserve data on IPFS / Filecoin are in a way centralized. We are considering several improvements to make sure that community knowledge will not disappear from IPFS / Filecoin. One of the short term options is to publish daily backups of the IPFS data for community. Alternatively, more advanced users could run their IPFS node and pin data that they are interested in.

We are open to suggestions on other possible solutions.