What's new about what Peeranha team is building??


Peeranha is dedicated to providing a space for Web3 developers and creators to find solutions to their problems quickly and effectively. We promote the adoption of Web3 technologies by making information accessible to users of all levels of experience. Our users are able to learn Web3 technology while using Web3 technology products. By bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, we hope to increase the total number of users and further the adoption of these innovative technologies.

Web3 knowledge adoption will be achieved by:

  • Discord, Telegram and Slack bots - bot helping to break down the silos between communication channels by allowing post content and receiving notifications;
  • Auto-translation bot - a bot that helps to break down the silos between different languages by instantly translating content posted on Peeranha to various languages;
  • Auto-answer engine - AI and NLP-based engine that allows users to instantly get answers to their questions from a channel that they prefer. The diagram below shows the proposed knowledge-sharing flow in a community:

To make long story short check this diagram:

From the point of development we have alreadt developed the first version of Discord bot that will notify users about new posts on their knowledge base on Peeranha. Among upcoming updates are Auto-translation AI + the second version of the bots that will transfer questions and answers from community channels to the knowledge base on Peeranha.

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