How much Peeranha is decentralised?


The About page of Peeranha says:

Decentralized website with questions and answers that rewards users with crypto tokens for their contributions.

However it does not clarify what does this mean.

  • How Peeranha is decentralised? Where the data is hosted?
  • How much of Peeranha website is decentralised?
  • How will this change in the future?

Answers 1

Hi Mikko,

Thank you for this great question.

The core of Peeranha protocol is built on smart contracts on Polygon blockchain and Filecoin / IPFS. Business rules are implemented in the smart contracts. Text and media content is stored on Filecoin/ IPFS. Content hash is recorded on blockchain in the smart contracts.

Data querying layer is built with a subgraph on The Graph.

UI interface is a single page application built with React JS. It is hosted on AWS at the moment. We are planning to host it on some decentralized tech when the space is mature enough.

Additionally, there are several helper services as notifications and user preferences that are hosted on AWS at the moment. However, those components are not critical and the protocol can function without them if needed.

One of the important aspects of decentralization is organizational. Peeranha is a centralized organization at the moment. Our goal is to move to a DAO model over time. This is the most important and challenging change towards decentralization of the protocol that we see in the future.