Disappearing posts?


I noticed a few posts have disappeared. I don't care about the posts themselves (about Ministry of Happiness, meaning of life, or whatever) and I see you agree.

But here's a fundamental question: by removing the posts, aren't you exercising the same centralized and unchecked moderating power as any other "normal" discussion forum? I thought the whole point was for these to be somehow magically preserved on the blockchain forever. How could one access these posts now?

With the moderating powers that you are demonstrating, what is the point of storing the data on the blockchain and not just DB on the server you control?

Answers 1

Thank you for this very important question.

First of all, it is important to understand our mission which is to build a high-quality knowledge base owned and controlled by the community.

It is impossible to create a valuable knowledge base without moderation. Inevitably, there will be spam, offensive, off-topic, and low-quality posts.

Community moderation is our goal. However, it is feasible only when the community is established. Even with an established community, building an efficient community moderation system right from day one is very hard to do.

With these goals and considerations in mind, we see 3 phases for transition to community moderation:

  1. Centralized moderation only;
  2. Centralized moderation + Community moderation;
  3. Community moderation only.

The goal of phase 1 is to build a core community of users who share our mission. Phase 2 is about building an efficient community moderation. Centralized moderation is still there but over time becomes a secondary way of moderation. Once we are confident in community moderation, we will be ready to transition to phase 3 where we completely disable centralized moderation and rely on community moderation only.

With that said, even in phase 1, there is an important difference between Peeranha and traditional discussion / Q&A platforms. All of the removed posts still can be recovered from blockchain and IPFS by anyone in the community.