Is there a legal entity/company behind Peeranha?


I ask the question because on the one hand this project seems to have a very interesting vision of full decentralization, but on the other, I also saw the news of the Techstars program participation (and they invest in traditional corporations) and the Terms of Service lists NY state as the governing law.

Answers 1

JBCA, thank you for you interest in Peeranha. You are correct that there is a legal entity behind Peeanha. It is Peeranha Corp. incorporated in Delaware. It is common for Web3 companies to start as a corparation and seek for a traditional equity investment on its early stage. This is the path we are following however, with the plan for decentralization once the community and protocol are better established. There is an interesting article by on that topic by Jesse Walden and Andreessen Horowitz [here](