35 points hard to achieve


To achieve 35 points in Peeranha prety hard road. I see posts where would love to interact, unfortunataly can't do anythink :( Any otever task to acheve this 35 points to finay be ablu to move? Thank you ☺️

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Being first to answer can get you 10 points + any upvotes its more

just post and/or create a topic to increase the points. after I admit that it is not necessarily obvious at first sight.

Hey! Agree that 35 points is a pretty difficult to achieve especially alone. I guess that you have already seen this [tutorial](https://peeranha.io/tutorials/1333/how-to-earn-35-points-of-reputation%3F). \ My advice is to answer questions in Expert Q&A or make posts in Expert/Tutorials (coz upvotes in this sections would bring you more reputation)