Peeranha data on IPFS


As I understand, Peeranha protocol stores text information (text of posts, replies and comments) on IPFS. IPFS is know for a problem that infrequently used data may disappear from the network. How do you insure that Peeranha data is always preserved on IPFS?

Answers 2

We have several levels of redundancy for IPFS data to make sure that it never disappears:

  • Store data on our own IPFS node and pin all of the Peeranha data
  • Store data on Filecoin
  • Store data on IPFS node of The Graph
  • Back up all of the data to S3 in AWS

We are planning to start publishing public daily backups of IPFS data stored by Peeranha for the community in the near future.

Does it really disappear - or does it get purged into cold storage until subsequently accessed?