How to earn 35 points of reputation?


This article will give you an answer on the newbie question about Peeranha reputation - How to earn my 1st reputation points and achieve the limit of 35?

What is reputation on Peeranha?

Reputation is a rough digital and onchain measurement of how much the community trusts you. Thus, every user can lose the reputation and earn the reputation. It is earned by convincing your community members that you know what you’re talking about. The more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain and rarer NFT you receive. Check you personal profile to see Peeranha reputation in action!

How to earn reputation - Best practices

The simple way to earn reputation points is to be helpful to a community and its members: ask relevant questions, provide quality answers, post tutorials, and be respectful to others.

Step by step guide

Let’s imagine thatI have just created an account and am looking for some reputation to upvote the posts created by the community.

Step 1 - Make your first post in Tutorials

Make your first tutorial to guide the community, ask a question in Expert Q&A or start a Discussion. This will bring you your first 10 points of reputation.

Count - 10 points of reputation

Step 2 - Ask your community to make upvotes

Let's say that I have created a tutorial and asked my community to give me some upvotes. Each upvote in the tutorial will bring 5 points of reputation. Thus, my tutorial has brought me 2 upvotes.

Count - 20 points of reputation

Important Note! Each section will bring you a different amount of reputation. Check more here.

Step 3 - Make a post in Expert Q&A

The posts itself will not bring any points of reputation. What's the matter? The activity of your community matters. Ask your community to answer the post, give you some upvotes and then choose the best answer.

Mark the answer as the best - +2 points;
Each upvote - + 5 points;

Thus, my tutorial has brought me 2 upvotes and I marked the answer as the best.

Count - 32 ponts;

Step 4 - Answer a question in Expert Q&A

One of the users of my community has made a post in Expert Q&A and I have an answer. Hooray, I answered the question and my answer was marked as best and earned 2 upvotes;

Each upvote - +5 points; 
The best answer - +15 points;

Count - 58 points;

Important Note!

Each section - Discussion, Expert Q&A or Tutorials - brings you a different amount of reputation. Please, keep in mind that fact and be happy!

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