How to Overcome Community Language Gap With Peeranha?


Get ready to connect with users from all over the world with Peeranha translation feature! Within a few months every user could experience the platform in various languages!


Today Peeranha have already implemented the application interface translation to the following languages:

  • English (the default language);
  • Spanish;
  • Vietnamese;
  • Chinese.

The upcoming feature will allow communities to set up the content translation.

Content Auto-translation - User View

When the user changes the language of the application from English to another one, the posts whose original language is different from the chosen have the Globus icon and a tooltip saying from which language the post is translated.

Important Note! If the original post language is the same with the chosen language the translation icon will not appear.

How Does the Post Look?

Post will be automatically translated to the chosen language. But if you need to check the post in its original language click on “See original” and click “See translation” to change the language back.

Community Languages Setup

Community Administrator is able to determine the number of languages used in a community's user interface and content auto-translations through community settings.

Important Note! Depending on the settings, the number of languages may vary between the main Peeranha and a single community!

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