What problem does Peeranha solve?


We have done research and talked to hundreds of developers and community managers and learned that the problem is universal for all Web3 communities. Users are not able to find technical information on Google because it lives inside Discord or Telegram community in #forum or #community-help channels.

Effective knowledge sharing is highly important for Web3 communities. However, the current approach in many ecosystems is proven to be very inefficient.

Messengers such as Discord, Telegram, and Slack are the most widely used tools for community Q&A. There are several significant disadvantages of using these tools for community knowledge sharing, particularly Q&A:

  • Questions have a short window of visibility to the community and disappear in the flow of the new messages in communication threads;
  • Existing questions are hard to find causing the same questions to be asked repeatedly;
  • Questions and answers are not indexed by search engines as Google;
  • Questions and answers are not curated;
  • Communities in different messengers and different languages exist in silos. The diagram below shows current knowledge-sharing flows in the Web3 communities:

Thus, before Peeranha Web3 creators used to ask the questions in closed to Google engine communities. But today you can ask a question on Peeranha and this question will be transfered to Discord, Telegram or Slack community by the bots!

Finally, Peeranha is open to any community of any size and will provide white-glove service for FREE. White-glove include not only marketing support and absolutely free creation of your community on Peeranha but also scrapping all the actual questions and answers from your community and SEO optimization of this content!

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