How to make a post


Making posts on Peeranha is easy. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Log in to your profile with any available wallets.
  2. Click the New post button.
  3. Select a community from the dropdown list where you want to make a post.
  4. Choose Post Type: Discussion, Expert, Tutorial.

Note: Read carefully the requirements for each post type, to be sure that your post is published in the correct section.

  1. Enter your question in the Title field.
  2. To get a more detailed answer, give more details about what you would like to know in the Body field. In the Preview section, you may check how your post looks before publishing it.
  3. Select tags that suit your post most.

Note: Tags help other users to find relevant information quickly.

  1. Click Post.

Your post is published and soon you will get relevant answers from the other users.

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